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Thiover is a mainstay in the market: the world’s most widely-sold polysulphide sealant, and a best-seller you can always count on. Its worldwide popularity is due to the fact that it can be used at any latitude, because it adapts to all weather conditions when installing windows.

Polysulphides are custom-engineered for use in IGUs. Various types are produced, so they can be adapted to the individual needs of IG producers and the manufacturing systems they use. All Thiover sealants conform to the most advanced criteria for eco-compatibility. They offer excellent performance in terms of thermal insulation, are completely solvent-free, and contain no heavy metals or other harmful ingredients. They have superior mechanical properties and extremely low permeability to water vapor and gas. They can be used to produce dual seal or triseal units, and have a high chemical resistance that makes them compatible with all types of profiles and with most of the material used in IG units.


Colour: Part A (base): Ivory Part B (catalyst): Black Mixture (A+B): Anthracite

Storage: 9 months in the original containers. It is recommended to store Thiover in dry and fresh rooms at a temperature between +10 °C and +30 °C

Packing: Lt. 210 (191+19) Other packings available on reques


One-part thermoplastic solvent free polyisobutylene based spacer

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P.I.B. primary sealant

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One component hot melt sealant


Two-component polyurethane sealant

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Molecular Sieve

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