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Customer Testimonials

Mārtiņš Jankovskis, Board Member of “Logu remonts”.

We utilize Rolltech glass profiles for their exceptional quality, which, to my knowledge, is the choice of the majority of insulated glass unit manufacturers in Latvia. The service provided by ThermEco is crucial to us. The ease of ordering glass profiles, available locally in Latvia without the need for extended waiting periods of weeks or months, streamlines our operations. Andris, the business owner, engages in responsive communication and ensures timely delivery of the necessary products to clients. Additionally, we have negotiated terms for smaller, more frequent deliveries, which are particularly advantageous for our operations. As a small enterprise, it is highly gratifying to receive the same level of responsibility and attentiveness as a large corporation would.

We wish continued success to ThermEco!

Aivars Albrekts, Production Manager at “Stikla Centrs”.

We have been sourcing profiles for insulated glass unit production from ThermEco for over a decade, motivated by the satisfactory quality, efficient delivery logistics, and competitive pricing. Communicating with the supplier is straightforward for our warehouse supervisor due to their prompt and accommodating response. An additional advantage is ThermEco's local warehouse in Jelgava, allowing for swift procurement of products. This flexibility enables us to order insulated glass profiles in quantities that exactly meet the requirements of specific orders. Typically, the products are delivered in containers or specialized packaging, ensuring they arrive in excellent condition. We have encountered no issues to date.

Reinis Liepiņš, CEO of “ALTEHS”.

We regularly order profiles for insulated glass unit production from ThermEco, and their approach to collaboration is always result-oriented. Regardless of the nature of our order, company director Andris actively engages and efficiently manages the ordering process. We can rely on receiving products that precisely match our specifications and are delivered within the agreed timeframe.

I recommend ThermEco as a reliable business partner.

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