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This has been a top-selling product since it was first introduced, confirming the validity of Fenzi's own performance standards. Hotver 2000 is a hot-melt, one-part sealant for the manufacture of high quality IG units. For use on either manual or robotic lines. It has excellent physical-chemical properties, is easy to process, and ensures optimal resistance to low and high temperatures. And, it adheres perfectly.

Hotver A+ is the newest, most advanced hot melt sealant in the Fenzi range. It has the same ease of use that is so appreciated with Hotver 2000, but in addition it guarantees superior performance and a greater improvement in the gas leakage rate of IG units. As a result, Hotver A+ is the ideal sealant when producing high energy efficiency windows that comply with the strictest national and European standards for A+ rating.


Colour: Black

Density: Hotver 2000 1.10 gr/cm³; Hotver A+ 1.12 gr/cm³

Storage: 12 months in the original unopened package, stored in dry location between +10°C and +30°C

Packing: Hotver: 2-5 kg, 4-6 kg, 18-50-200 kg drums; Hotver A+: 6 kg, 200 kg drums


One-part thermoplastic solvent free polyisobutylene based spacer

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P.I.B. primary sealant

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Two-component polyurethane sealant

Two-component polysulphide sealant

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Molecular Sieve

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