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Therm Eco

ThermEco is the official representative in Latvia for the Alu-Pro group, known across the European market. We offer Rolltech glass profiles and Fenzi materials for the production of insulated glass units.

We establish close collaborations with manufacturers of insulated glass units. We provide comprehensive services to ensure that you receive your products promptly and on time, in line with your production schedule.

Why Choose Us?

  • We offer the broadest spectrum of glass profiles – encompassing various materials, shapes, and technical solutions.

  • Comprehensive information about the manufacturer's offered glass profiles and convenient ordering process.

  • Pricing proposal – we will promptly prepare and send a quotation.

  • The option to order in the required quantity – both in bulk and in smaller amounts.

  • Prompt communication – we provide detailed information about products and agree on a delivery plan and schedule for glass profiles that is suitable for the customer.

  • Warehouse function - we store our products in our Jelgava warehouse, enabling us to ensure very fast delivery of glass profiles. If the necessary quantity is not in the warehouse, we organize delivery in two stages - initially delivering a portion of the required materials, with the remainder from the manufacturer within the agreed timelines.

  • Delivery - we strictly adhere to deadlines to ensure that our clients can maintain an uninterrupted production process. We deliver products in special packaging using our company transport, guaranteeing safe and careful delivery.

Why choose Rolltech glass profiles?

Rolltech's products are certified, with glass profiles having high-quality indicators and competitive pricing in the European market. Additionally, customers can rely on a consistent pricing policy throughout the year.

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