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Poliver sealants consistently live up to customers’ expectations: for many years (along with Thiover) they have been the products of choice in an informed and demanding market. They are polyurethanes specifically formulated for the production of IG units, and come in several versions to meet the special needs of manufacturers and their systems. They are entirely solvent-free and can be used for the production of single- or double sealed units.


Colour: Beige 

Consistency: Part A (base): Pasty Part B (catalyst): Liquid
Mixture (A+B): Pasty non sagging

Storage: 9 months in the original containers. Possibility in dry and fresh rooms at a temperature between +10 °C and +30 °C

Packing: Lt. 210 (191+19) Other packings available on request


One-part thermoplastic solvent free polyisobutylene based spacer

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P.I.B. primary sealant

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One component hot melt sealant

Two-component polysulphide sealant

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Molecular Sieve

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