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If you're looking for stability and "raw strength" for fire-resistant glass and exceptionally large windows, then FERROTECH is the answer. FERROTECH is suitable for use with corner keys and bending in all known bending machines. It fulfils all the requirements for the production of fire-resistant glass. The traditionally framed spacer delivers optimal durability through 6.5 mm of galvanised steel and an exceptional stability when compared to aluminium spacers – particularly in the production of larger units. The thermal conductivity of steel is also less than that for aluminium, and this gives a "warmer edge" to the thermal glazing. The thermal expansion coefficient of glass and steel are very similar, and in contrast to aluminium, this makes for a more uniform structure, when hot and cold temperatures activate the thermal glazing.


  • Suitable for fire-resistant windows and large windows

  • Includes corners and other elements.


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